Instrument Sales, Rentals & Repairs

Greene’s Piano Service
Piano Tuning
(865) 384-6582

Music Room Guitars & Records
5103 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919
(865) 584-0041

Bryan Parris Guitar Repair
Specializing in fret work, modifications, professional setups of acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, banjos, etc.
(865) 403-0046

Strings Repair, Rental, & Sales

Knoxville Violin Shop

207 Clinch Ave. Knoxville, TN 37902


Wilhite Strings is a full service Violin Shop, located in Knoxville, Tennessee, specializing in violins, violas, cellos, and basses. Offering instrument & accessory sales, rentals and repairs.
(865) 670-1888

The Gear Guy – Quality Used Instrument Sales
Trevor Reddick buys, sells, and trades high quality used guitars, amps, bass, keys and pedals in Knoxville, Gatlinburg and surrounding areas.
(865) 385-9055

Parent Information Resources

Knoxville Parent Magazine

PBS Parents – The Benefits of Music Education

You’ve always heard that music education is important for multiple reasons, but do you know what those reasons are? Read this great article to find out why you should sign your children up for music lessons today!

International School of Music Directory

Moving? This may help you find a good music school in your new location.

Tennessee Kids Club

One of the largest home school resources in East Tennessee

American Music Conference

AMC’s goal is to build credibility for music and music education, especially at an early age, and to expand that portion of the population that enjoys and makes its own music.

East Tennessee Technology Access Center

The East Tennessee Technology Access Center (ETTAC) is a regional nonprofit agency that helps people with disabilities gain knowledge about and access to assistive technology devices.




Resources for Students Considering Music Training at the University/Professional Level

Avocational/College Music Programs

Avocational music schools typically offer one- or two-year programs with concentrated studies in music. These are more-or-less university level studies, but without the core curriculum (language, math, etc.). While there is an absence of core studies in this type of program, they do tend to be geared towards producing “working” musicians; offering music business guidance and education, and embracing pop & rock along with traditional musical styles.

Modern University Music Programs

Modern university music programs tend to exist where music departments at traditional universities team up with another department, like business or communications, to offer majors like “Music Business,” “Recording Industry Management,” or “Commercial Music.” These programs offer a more well rounded educational experience than does a strictly avocational institution. They tend to do more to guide students towards towards career paths than do traditional university music departments.

Traditional University Music Programs

Traditional university music programs are considered, by some, to be a bit antiquated. Most to focus on classical music while some will also have jazz programs. These types of programs typically provide expansive musical training, but little, if any, practical guidance in career management for music majors. For musicians seeking to: play in an orchestra, sing in the opera, be a concert instrumentalist, or work as a music educator in the public schools, then the traditional route may be the best choice. However, be aware that that there is a lot of competition for these positions. Interestingly, music majors have a high rate of acceptance in advance degree programs in other fields such as science and medicine.

More Links for Those Considering Majoring in Music

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