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November 2014 Newsletter

Music Lessons in Knoxville TN for Guitar, Piano, Voice, Drums & More

music lessons knoxville - Knoxville Academy of MusicMUSICAL NOTES

November 2014

Farragut Academy of Music                  Knoxville Academy of Music

music lessons knoxville - Knoxville Academy of Music

Director’s Announcements

Important Dates:

No Lessons Tuesday, November 25th –Saturday, November 29th (Thanksgiving)

October was a big month for drummers at the academies!Knoxville Academy of Music - Drumset Graphic

Drum instructor Dave Campbell welcomed a new little drummer boy
into the world in early October!

Drum instructor Jamie Seiple was named the 2014 Knoxville Guitar Center Drum-Off

And the academies are happy to welcome our newest drum instructor, Casey Green! For more about Casey, see below.

If you haven’t signed up for our December Recital, be sure to do so soon! Our staff must know the name of your performance piece by November 24th. We cannot wait to hear you perform!

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Getting The Most Of Practice

Eliminating the Fear of Mistakes & Performance Anxiety

Last month I explained how performance anxiety is often reduced through preparedness. In addition to being prepared, more experience performing also reduces fear of performing. So how do you get more performance experience before the formal performance? The answer is pretty simple: perform for your family and friends. By using this technique not only do you get experience, but approval as well. After all, who will appreciate your efforts more than your friends & family?

It is important to understand that any student should be reasonably prepared for the following technique to help, otherwise it may be counterproductive. If you are unsure, talk with your instructor.

Set up a performance at your home. Parents of students may want to set this up with your kids and try to make it as much like a public performance as possible. For example, set the audience up so that they are all looking towards wherever the musician is performing. Someone may announce the performer and then applaud after the performance to show approval. Students that play for others once a week not only receive performance experience, but also begin to understand the importance of being prepared (and thereby make preparation a habit).

At the end of daily practicing, play for someone else. This should only take a brief time. There should always be positive comments, claps, & smiles that follow. This kind of positive reinforcement most certainly reduces performance anxiety.

Video or audio record yourself. I suggest waiting 24 hours before listening to the recording, because we can be overly critical and hypersensitive to little mistakes immediately after recording. Once you listen, you can admire (approve of) how you got all the way through piece, and the progress you have made.

So, prepare and have practice performances. I’m confident that if you do these things you too will have more confidence and less fear performing in other public settings.

Jeff Comas
Director, Knoxville & Farragut Academies of Music

Around the Town – Resources for You

Guitar Repair:
Bryan Parris (865) 403-0046
The Sound Doctor (865) 771-9863

Violin Rental/Repair:
Wilhite Strings (865) 670-1888

Piano Tuning/Repair:
Josh Gaither (865) 773-2323

Knoxville Academy of Music - Referral Card 11-14

Thanks to all who supported drum instructorJamie Seiple at Guitar Center’s 2014 Drum-Off Competition!

Knoxville Academy of Music - Drum instructor Jamie Seiple at 2014 Drum-Off

Knoxville Academy of Music students Evan & Zachary C. supporting their drum instructor, Jamie Seiple, at the 2014 Guitar Center Drum-Off Competition.

Is Your Instructor Sold Out?

Clay Blanchett (guitar, Childbloom®) has a few openings after school on Tuesdays and then he will be close to sold out!
Doug Bowling (guitar, Childbloom®) has a couple early evening spots on Wednesdays & Thursdays!
Chris Brock (banjo, guitar, mandolin & more) has a few openings left on SATURDAYS and some spots on early Thursday evenings!
Dave Campbell (drums, voice, beginning piano) has a few after school openings left on Thursdays and early evening openings on Mondays.
Jim Cooper (guitar) has a few after school spots on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and is now available on Mondays!
Andy Freeman (piano, banjo) has some spots after school on Wednesdays and SATURDAY mornings!
Casey Green (drums) has openings Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, Thursday evenings and SATURDAY mornings!
Caleb Hall (brass & woodwinds, guitar, piano & more) is almost completely sold out on Tuesdays but has a few after school times on Mondays!
Phil King (piano, voice, violin) has a couple after school times open on Mondays and new openings on Thursdays!
Lori Kitts (guitar, voice, piano) only has 1 spot left until she is completely sold out!
Susan Nielsen (voice, piano, violin) is almost sold out with a few after school openings on Fridays and Mondays.
Michelle Quimby (guitar, Childbloom®, Piano & more) only has a couple of openings left before she is sold out!
Jamie Seiple (drums, bass) has a few after school openings on Mondays and Fridays and is available SATURDAYS!

November Make Up Classes

– All classes are 1 hour long –

November 1st ~ Knoxville Academy
10:00am- Beginning/Intermediate Piano
11:00am- Voice & Harmony (all musicians)

November 8th ~ Farragut Academy
10:00am- Beginning Guitar
11:00am- Ear Training

November 15th ~ Knoxville Academy
12:00pm- Rhythm & Meter
1:00pm- Ear Training (all instruments)

November 22nd ~ Farragut Academy
9:00am- Intermediate Guitar
10:00pm- Adult Blues (Ages 13+)

Call 690.1655 or 675.1655 to schedule
your make up today!

New Students Since October 1st

Knoxville Academy of Music - New Students October 2014

Student of the Month – November Edition

Featuring Jackson D.

Farragut - Knoxville Academy of Music - SOTM - 11-2014

What instrument do you play?

How long have you been taking lessons?
2 and ½ years

Who are your favorite musical artists?
Drummer, Tony Royster Jr.

Favorite Food:

What are your other hobbies besides music?
I watch Star Wars

What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your
lessons in the past 3 months?

Have you recently achieved something great?
I completed a game (Transformers)

What made you want to start taking music lessons?
I like playing drums.

Do you have any performances coming up?
Yes, a performance at school.

Farragut / Knoxville Academy of Music Welcomes Casey Green!

Knoxville Academy of Music - Drum instructor Casey GreenCasey Green has been playing drums since age 15 and is currently in his junior year working towards a Bachelor of Music from UT Knoxville. In addition to pursuing his degree, he regularly plays around town with country and rock cover bands as well as at Sweetwater First Methodist Church. Casey said, “After I began studying music at the University of Tennessee, I immediately realized that I had a desire to teach drums. I want to share my passion with anyone who is willing to listen and learn from my experience.”

Casey Green is available for lessons:
Tuesday afternoons
Wednesday afternoons
Thursday evenings
Saturday mornings

Sports Corner

I am writing hot on the heels of the Vols loss to 4th ranked Alabama. I fully expected the Vols to lose this one from the beginning of the season (see predictions). When I found out Justin Worley was
injured and Justin Peterman was getting the start I imagined a final score something like 55 to 3.

As the game started and Bama quickly went up 27-0 I was sure I had imagined correctly. Then in the 2nd quarter Coach Jones sits Peterman and puts in (former) 3rd string QB Josh Dobbs and things
started to look different. The Vols score twice before halftime and the defense is reinvigorated. From this point on I think the Vols outplayed Bama. Ultimately Alabama’s 20-point head start was too
much for UT to overcome. However, despite UT’s 3 & 5 record, Vols fans have reason to be optimistic. Unlike the Dooley years, Coach Jones’ team don’t give up.

I’m still not changing my prediction, but again I hope I’m wrong. I even think there is even a chance the Vols could win out and finish the 7 & 5. Earlier in the year I was sure SC and Mizz would hand us losses but both of those teams have proven to be beatable this season. However, I also thought Kentucky was a sure win and they have proven to be much better than anybody expected and looked strong against Mississippi State this weekend, the number 1 ranked team in the country. I’m still pretty sure Vandy has no chance against the Vols and that their winning streak stops at two.

I sure hope I’m talking about Tennessee’s upcoming Bowl Game next month.

Jeff Comas 10/26/14

Farragut - Knoxville Academy of Music - Sports Corner 11-2014

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