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April 2015 Newsletter

Music Lessons in Knoxville TN for Guitar, Piano, Voice, Drums & More

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April 2015

Director’s  Announcements

It’s time for spring recitals again! The big day is Saturday, MAY 2nd!

Check the yellow signs for the recital times for your instructor. Be sure to sign up at the front desk!

Knoxville Academy of Music | Spring Music

The recital will be in the same location as our winter recital: in the auditorium of Sherrill Hills Retirement Community.  

We are having a Re-location Celebration on May 30th! More details to come so watch those inboxes.

 Knoxville Academy of Music | Relocation Celebration

Summer Lessons

I know it’s only April, but summer is just around the corner and it’s time to think about summer plans, and music lessons. Throughout my life as a musician, I have heard a similar sad story from many people. It goes something like this “I used to play music when I was young, but I quit, and I really wish I still played.”

Somewhere along the way they lost their momentum in their pursuit of music. Something happened that caused them to lose interest. One of the most common reasons this occurs is actually a summer break from music lessons.

What happens is this; without the regular music lessons students tend to develop sporadic practice habits or even stop practicing altogether. Without regular practice, progress slows, can stop, and can even regress. When progress is lost students may lose interest or feel that it is too much trouble to have to relearn what they have forgotten. Some younger students may feel shame for having forgotten how to play and do not want to face their instructor.

This is why we have lessons year-round. We don’t want our students to be telling that story in their future.

Now maybe you’re thinking, “Wait a minute Mr. Comas, our family has summer vacation plans and we would miss several of our scheduled lessons. Is it worth it to stay enrolled in lessons for the summer?”

Well, this is one of the main reasons we offer free group make up lessons on Saturdays. Miss your regularly scheduled lesson, for any reason, you can sign up for one of our free, hour-long, group make up lessons. There is no limit, and they don’t expire.

Also, remember that we cannot hold your lesson time if you withdraw from regular lessons. Our school is growing fast and many of our teachers’ schedules are near or at capacity. Prime lesson times are in high demand. If you stay enrolled over the summer you can keep your preferred lesson time(s).

So, here are three reasons to stay enrolled in music lessons over the summer.

  1.             Maintain Musical Momentum!
  2.             FREE Group Make Up Lessons!
  3.             Keep Your Sweet Spot!

Don’t let your, or your child’s story be- “I used to play music when I was young, but I quit, and I really wish I still played.” Take advantage of our make up lessons and enjoy the benefits enduring musical education. Stay in lessons, keep moving forward, and enjoy a lifetime of music.

Jeff Comas


Summer Camps 2015

Pirates and Princess Vocal Camp       $149
Beginners learn basic vocal techniques while singing songs from their favorite animated movies!

Rock Band Camp                                     $249
Students learn some great rock tunes while also playing and singing with a band! This camp will wrap up with a final performance.

Beginning Guitar                                     $189
This camp is a hands-on approach to guitar playing and included is a guitar that is theirs to keep!  Beginning Guitar camp is a great introduction to life-long guitar playing.

Little Music Makers                               $149
Little ones will play with instruments, learn songs and play games and progress as the week continues. Parents are encouraged to participate and explore the concepts at home!


Summer Camp Dates

June 1-5    Pirates & Princesses Vocal Camp  Ages 7-11

June 8-12       Rock Band Camp                        Ages 9-14

June 15-19    Beginning Guitar Camp             Ages 6-8

June 15-19    Beginning Guitar Camp             Ages 9-12

June 22-26    Little Music Makers                   Ages 3-4

June 22-26    Little Music Makers                   Ages 0-3

July 6-10        Little Music Makers                   Ages 5-7

Knoxville Academy of Music | Large Waiting Area

Kendall and Shasta enjoying the larger waiting area and a bit of sunshine!


April Make Up Classes

 – All classes are 1 hour long
and are held at our new location –

April 4th
10 am – Beginning Blues
11 am – Beginning Guitar
12 pm – Music Theory

April 11th
9 am – Young Beginning Guitar
10 am – Adult Chords Class
11 am – Intermediate/Advanced Guitar

    April 18th
11 am – Drum & Percussion Class
12 pm – Improvisation Class
1 pm – Rhythm & Meter

    April 25th
10 am – Intermediate/Advanced Piano
11 am – Beginning Piano
12 pm – Voice Class


Student(s) of the Month


Knoxville Academy of Music | Student of the Month (1) April 2015

Lorena R. | KAM Student of the Month | April 2015


Knoxville Academy of Music | Student of the Month (2) April 2015

Valeria R. | KAM Student of the Month | April 2015

What instruments do you play?

Lorena & Valeria – piano

How long have you been taking lessons?

Lorena – 2 months

Valeria – 5 months

Who are your favorite musical artists?

Lorena – Kidz Bop & Disney Songs

Valeria – Katy Perry, Rhianna, Taylor Swift

What are your other hobbies besides music?

Lorena – Painting, Drawing, Reading & Video Games

Valeria – Video Games

Favorite Foods:

Lorena – Quesadillas, Nuggets, Fried Plantains, White Rice

Valeria – Wraps & Pasta

What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in the past 3 months?

   Lorena – How to read music notes.

Valeria – Being able to learn & read the songs.

Do you have any performances coming up?

Valeria – My sister’s birthday is coming up and I am going to surprise her with the Happy Birthday song!

Have you recently achieved something great?

Lorena & Valeria – Improving my English as a second language!


Knoxville Academy of Music | New Students | 2015-04 Newsletter


Is Your Instructor Sold Out?

Doug Bowling (guitar, Childbloom®) is almost completely

Chris Brock (banjo, guitar, mandolin & more) has only 1 spot left on SATURDAYS and 2 spots on Thursdays before he is SOLD OUT!

Lori Kitts (guitar, voice) only has 3 spots left until she is completely SOLD OUT!

Michelle Quimby (guitar, Childbloom®, piano & more) is COMPLETELY SOLD OUT on Wednesdays and Fridays with only a few spots left on Mondays and Tuesdays! 

Travis Strike (guitar, bass)  only has 5 openings on Tuesday & Friday evenings before he is SOLD OUT!

Dave Campbell (drums, voice, beginning piano) has only a few spots on Tuesdays and Thursdays before he is SOLD OUT!

Casey Green (drums) has a few openings
Thursdays as well as SATURDAYS!

Andy Freeman (piano, banjo) is available SATURDAYS and only has a few spots on Tuesdays before he is SOLD OUT!

Phil King (piano, voice, violin) has only a few spots on Fridays then he will be completely SOLD OUT!

George Lawrence (Drums & Percussion) only a few openings
on Friday afternoons!

Alla Ousley (piano, voice) has been filling up quickly but has some Thursday afternoon lesson times open
before she is SOLD OUT!


Important Dates

April 25th – Deadline to report recital piece


Around the Town – Resources for You

Guitar Repair:

    Bryan Parris                (865) 403-0046

    The Sound Doctor       (865) 771-9863

     Clayton Knight             (865) 237-5309

String Rental/Repair:

      Wilhite Strings              (865) 670-1888

      Brian Epp                     (970) 903-2173

Piano Tuning/Repair:

    American Piano           (865) 671-3388


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